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Image display ads arrived at Google Shopping in 2017, but there is still a lot of speculation as to how best to use them. Google Shopping Showcase ads are designed to run on public inquiries, primarily on mobile devices, making it a great tactic for “high-path conversion” initiatives.

#1 – Just Create a Showcase Ad

It sounds fairly logical, but you will be surprised to know that many advertisers do not have image display ads running in Google Shopping campaigns. Be aware that some search terms that Google considers eligible for image display ads will only be used for image display ads. This means that if you don’t have image display ads shown in your Google Ads account, you may miss some opportunities. To put things right, Google Shopping Showcase ads are mostly showing on mobile devices, which account for about 60% of all searches. Also, the terms that allowed image display ads to be used are general search terms, and we all know that the larger the query, the higher the search volume. So if you don’t display image ads at all, you might miss a great traffic opportunity.

#2 – Find out the terms that trigger your display ads

If you already display image display ads, you can simply download the search terms report. This will give you an idea of ​​how to get more accurate targeting (see Tip 5). But if you don’t already have a display ad, you won’t get lost! Just go to your mobile device, open Google in a private browser, and search for terms related to your brand. For example, if you are a ready-to-wear brand, you can do this type of search for “dresses”, “men’s trousers” and even specific phrases for the brand like “shirts [enter your brand]”. This will give you an idea of ​​the missing search terms and hopefully inspire you to start your own campaigns in Google Shopping Showcase.

#3 – Adapt your campaigns to the seasons

There is nothing wrong with entering into the spirit of “vacation” with image display ads. Or even other directions, by the way! In fact, image display ads allow you to display lifestyle images to display your brand. This is something that is really not possible in Google Shopping because the images mainly depend on the product flow. So you can include headline and title images related to the current season. If you’re campaigning in the spring, make sure your headline photos show the latest spring fashion. Or if it’s the holiday season, show off your holiday spirit with pictures of snow, gifts, Christmas trees, or anything else that could really impact consumers. We often see advertisers displaying general ads throughout the year. Don’t be so basic, adapt to the seasons!

#4 – Include promotions in your addresses

It may seem clear that your promotions will appear in your Showcase campaign headlines, but many who have tried to do so may have had problems approving their ads! Launching a promotion campaign on the day of the promotion can be difficult, as it may take up to three business days for approval. It can take longer if you end up pausing your images in a red thread. So the trick is to create image display ads for promotions that happen frequently throughout the year. These ads will need to be approved only once, then you can schedule them to run in the next promotion without any delay in their approval.
Not only will these titles be more attractive to consumers, but they will also help you stand out from the competition. You will also benefit from improved clickthrough rate and engagement rates.

#5 – Never stop growing

Once image display ads are created, your work is not done. In fact, I just started. When running image display ads, you can get an idea not only of the terms that might trigger your image display ad, but also of those that refer to you. Most image display ads start with general categories like “clothing” or “living room furniture”, but you’ll start to notice that you’ll get more and more specific search terms like “Sherpas” or “Nightstands”. Take these ads as a source of wealth to guide you in expanding your Google Shopping Showcase campaign.

You can now create custom ad groups for these specific categories. By creating this type of ad group, our Google Advertising Experts have experienced a significant increase in CTR, conversion rates, and higher search impression share, all at a lower CPC. Don’t just optimize your Showcase campaigns once you adjust your bids. If Google Shopping Showcase ads are kind of PLA, then they need more attention to grow. Make sure to highlight promotional offers, change ads according to seasons, and finally pay attention to search trends you can develop!

5 tips for your Google Shopping Showcase campaigns

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