Google podcasts 2020

The new design has an “Explore” tab with recommendations based on the interests of the listener.

The Google Podcasts app is now available for iOS devices while the web version of the app now supports subscriptions, the Mountain View firm announced on Wednesday, March 25 .

Google has also reorganized the app with a tabbed user interface that includes an “Explore” section where users can view recommendations for new shows and episodes based on their interests.

Android google podcast touch blank

The visibility of the podcasts and their discovery were a challenge for the content creators. Most podcast applications only show what is available through this service. Google’s goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for discovering podcasts, including paid content, and managing libraries.

Adding subscriptions to its web app makes it easier for users to switch from listening on their desktop computer to listening on their mobile device, something that iTunes and Spotify users can do for a long time.

As Google’s podcast platform continues to grow, it will become even more important for publishers to manage their presence in organic searches, knowing that podcasts are now displayed in Google results.

Redesign of Google Podcasts and deployment on iOS

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