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Did you know? Although Yandex is the most visited site in Russia, it is not the # 1 search engine.

As a reminder, Yandex is a search engine originally launched in Russian on, but now it has a global English version on

👉 Contrary to popular belief, Yandex is no longer the most used search engine in Russia. According to Statcounter, Google has advanced ahead of Yandex in terms of market share as of August 2019, and will not catch up again.

As you can see below, as we talk, Google is Russia’s market leader, with 54.94% market share, followed by Yandex with 42.35% market share. Market.

Alphametic explained this turmoil with a map summarizing market shares for search engines around the world for the entire 2019 year.

It is interesting to note that the eastern part of Russia mainly uses Google, while the European part remains loyal to Yandex.

What is Yendex?

Yandex NV is a Russian multinational company in the internet field, and its most popular product by westerners is its search engine, which competes with Google. It is the largest technology company in Russia and offers many different types of products and services. It is known to have one of the largest search engines in Russia, but it also participates in many other fields related to technology and the Internet. And Yandex is above all a huge web ecosystem that absolutely provides all the services that Russian internet users need. This makes it the most visited site in Russia.

Among these services: we can cite

  • Internet ads.
  • Email services via Yandex Mail
  • Car rental services, private trips and transportation service through Yandex Taxi (in cooperation with Uber).
  • Independent cars.
  • Yandex mapping service
  • Data management.
  • Pay online with Yandex Money Connected home technology.
  • A voice assistant called Alice.
  • A web browser called Yandex Browser
  • Music streaming service.
  • Video on demand service.
  • Web data analysis using Yandex Metrica
  • E-commerce in Amazon Sauce with Yandex Market
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Weather.
  • Home delivery.
  • And many other things ..

Yandex was established in 1997 by Arkady Volos (current CEO), Arkady Burkovsky and Ilya Segalovich. The name is derived from the phrase “after another iNDEXer”. The company became public in 2011 and is now listed on the NASDAQ in the United States under the symbol YNDX. As of this writing, its market value has reached over $ 12 billion. In 2019, Yandex’s global sales volume was $ 2.83 billion, an increase of 37% compared to 2018. In the same year, the sales volume of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, was $ 162 billion.

You can learn more about the company on the “About” page. You will also find more information about Yandex’s finances in Stockrow and in their section on Financial Results and Investors. In short, Yandex is the equivalent of Google to Russia and some former Soviet republics.

Yendex Search Engine

The Yandex engine works primarily like other popular search engines.

Type in a query, press the “Enter” key and you will see the search results page with a bunch of blue links, URLs and descriptions. Depending on the query, you can also see images, videos, and other types of search results.
We have tried to write many different inquiries and the results are generally good. In fact, they often view the same pages as Google. However, it happened that the search results randomly changed to the Russian language, even when we used the international version of the engine in .com.

🌍 The use of Yandex worldwide

As mentioned above, Yandex has been the most popular search engine in Russia for years, before Google recently outperformed it. However, nothing runs for the Russian engine, because with almost 50% of its market share it could nibble behind Mountain View.

⚠️ Note that, according to Likeweb, is the most visited website in Russia. Thanks to its many services (shopping, mapping, news, taxis, weather etc …), Yandex is often the only place where Russians sail. It is a comprehensive platform that allows Internet users to find everything they need.

Returning to the search engine itself, Yandex is very popular in many countries other than Russia. These include many countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which is the organization of countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. Here is Yandex’s market share in many of these countries (according to Statcounter, in April 2020):

  • Russia: 42.35%
  • Belarus: 20.23%
  • Kazakhstan: 14.12%
  • Tajikistan: 14.77%
  • Uzbekistan: 12.06%
  • Turkey: 12.51%
  • Kyrgyzstan: 7.88%
  • Turkmenistan: 15.32%
  • Ukraine: 4.56%
  • Armenia: 4.91%
  • Moldova: 3.25%
  • Georgia: 2.79%
  • Azerbaijan: 2.83%

In all the countries mentioned above, Yandex is the second most popular search engine after Google. This somewhat high market share, when compared to other countries in the world, may simply reflect the large number of Russian speakers who live or travel in these countries.

It should be noted that Yandex has been banned in Ukraine since 2017, but many people use VPN to bypass restrictions for its use.

Only, Yandex remains a relatively small search engine worldwide, with a market share of 0.54% in April 2020.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share

This makes it the 5th search engine in the world after Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.

Yandex remains the most visited site

Russia is one of the few countries where Google doesn’t overwrite everything on its way to search engines. As explained above, it is important to keep in mind that Yandex goes beyond the simple search engine. In fact, despite its second position in this category, Yandex remains by far the most visited site in Russia because it allows the Russians to fulfill all their desires:

  • Find information.
  • Investigate the weather.
  • Request a taxi.
  • Order food.
  • Consult the road traffic.
  • Shopping through Yandex Market Pay online with Yandex Money

Designed for the Russian language

The Russian language is very different from the English language, in terms of the alphabet and speaking.

In the Russian language, each word can contain up to 20 different turns and the names have up to 3 different types, which also affects other words in a sentence. This makes Russian bases very complicated.

Because Yandex is designed specifically for the Russian language, it gives it a huge advantage on Google in interpreting the various meanings and contexts of search queries in the Russian language.

Android allows users to select Yandex

In an agreement signed in 2017, Google agreed to stop making Google search the default search engine on Android in Russia. This means that the California giant now allows users to choose the default search engine when configuring their Android device. This change led to a rapid growth in Yandex’s market share, as many Russian users began choosing him on Google. This even allowed Yandex to overtake Google in 2017, in terms of its search engine market share. Before you get arrested in mid-2019.

⭐ How to do SEO on Yandex?

The relevant criteria taken into consideration by the Yandex search engine algorithm are somewhat close to the Google criteria.

If you want to improve your site’s performance on Yandex, you must start by adding it to Yandex Webmaster. It is a free analysis service provided by Yandex, similar to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools.

You can use it to submit your Sitemap.xml file on Yandex, track your performance, see crawl errors, etc.

However, performing SEO on Yandex is very similar to SEO for other search engines like Google.

Here are some SEO factors that we recommend that you optimize:

Keywords: As with other search engines, you must include keywords in titles and text.

Search intent: As with Google, your content must meet the intention of the person searching.

Quality content: It is essential that you have high-quality content that responds to the demands of Internet users.

On-page SEO: optimize title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, internal links … Keyword Tag: Unlike Google, it is interesting to note that Yandex always uses the Keyword Tag for classification purposes.

Site Speed: Yandex sites load faster.

Mobile compatibility: It is important for your site to provide a good mobile user experience.

Geotargeting: Yandex search results can be completely different depending on the user’s location. Consider considering SEO.

Punishment in the event of an intrusive pop-up: Like Google, Yandex can penalize sites with intrusive and / or misleading interstitial ads. Crawlability: It is important that your site does not prevent robots and is not hidden by the noindex tag.

Links: Back links are an arrangement factor.

🔗 It is interesting to note that backlinks can be less effective on Yandex than on Google for certain types of requests. This explains the fact that the Russian company faced a major problem in unwanted links in Russia and decided to reduce the value of backlinks as a classification factor for certain commercial requests.

No, Yandex is not Russia’s # 1 search engine

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