How to get orders on fiverr

Most of the new sellers even don’t know about the buyer requests.

They just created the fiverr profile and they think that buyers will contact them. No, at the early stage you have to send the buyer requests on different projects that clients posts everyday. At early stage, clients does not  even get your profile. Mechanism behind this is that a thousands of freelancers are working on fiverr. Many of them are top rated sellers, level 2 sellers and level 1 sellers and even who has done some projects  present there. So, when client search for a specific service then the fiverr shows them the top sellers. Sometimes new sellers are seen on top. But it has some reasons. For example, the title of their gig is very specific, they put keywords in the description very well and most important things they did the tags in the gig very well. But this is a very rare case for new sellers.

Few tips of effective bidding:

No matter what your niche is either you are a seo expert, wordpress developer, social media marketer, video editor or a graphic designer you can follow these steps according to your niche and get orders.

1.Start with “Hello sir/mam” or “ Greetings” when writing the proposal.


Do not write “ Good morning “ or “good evening”. This is not the effective way because you don’t even know about the country of the client and the time zone of that specific country. So, If you are writing “Good morning” and it’s night there so it could be a problem. Client does not even read your proposal.

2.Tell the client that you have gone through his/her requirements carefully in a single line and you have totally understood his/her requirements.

Mention something from his requirements to your proposal so that he will sure that you have read the requirements.

3. Have your short introduction to the client. For example, your expertise and what you can do for him/her. The introduction should be brief and please don’t just start writing about yourself, your education etc. Avoid these things.


4. Your portfolio is the most important thing while bidding on projects. Try to build your portfolio and share it with clients while bidding. So, client can see your work and will he/she be accepted that you are a right choice for him/her.

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5. Tell him/her your job experiences. What companies you worked for. But don’t give unnecessary details. Just focus things according to the project requirements.


6. Bid low as much as you can and give some exciting service. For example, free sample, more revisions etc. And do not bid on that projects on which there is already more than 10 requests sent by other sellers. Because there would be a more competition on that.

7. And at the end, just end the proposal in a nice way.


How to get orders on fiverr? 7 tips of effective bidding on fiverr.

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