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In a Twitter thread, John Mueller said it was best to start a new website by creating a limited number of pages to better orient the Google crawler.

A twittos told John that in the context of creating an online jewelry store, he thought of creating unique pages for each variation of jewelry (rings and diamonds) since there was volume of research for these elements.

For example, instead of creating a 
main “Diamond ring” 
product page and having variations according to the material and the number of carats (with canonicals), the twittos would like to open to indexation the variations corresponding to a volume of research. 
1 carat diamond ring
2 carat diamond ring
2 carat gold ring
2 carat white gold ring

However, the problem highlighted by the internet user is that this decision would generate the creation of a large number of pages from the launch of the site.

John’s response

Faced with this situation, John Mueller replied that it was recommended to have a reduced number of pages when the site went live. The problem is that if too many pages are created when the site is launched, it will be difficult for Google to identify the unique value of each of them and which is the most important. Unless these pages are radically different (which is not the case for product variations).

John therefore recommends offering only the main product page for indexing with its variations associated with a canonical. Over time, the site will be better taken into account by Google, which will visit it more frequently and additional pages may be offered for indexing.

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Google recommends that new sites start with few pages
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