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Google has launched a new initiative to help official health organizations, such as national health departments and federal health agencies, to be more visible in search results. Google supports this initiative by sharing a new document on good practices for healthcare websites and adding a technical help group (by invitation only). The best practices document is available to everyone. It covers these five areas, but it is specific to health organizations:

-Test how people find and see your site.

-Determine your ranking of the most frequent queries.

-Add or improve the content, titles and meta tags of your site.

-Display the most common queries in your language.

-Add common questions about structured data.

Google also created a technical support group for U.S. health departments and agencies, by invitation only. National health departments and statewide agencies that publish COVID-19 information can participate in this new technical support group. This group helps answer the questions Google searches for their website. Complete this form to request access to this technical support group. Google rarely has special SEO technical support groups. Google has done this with JavaScript-related elements some time ago. But it is a special moment and Mountain View wants to help fight this epidemic in an important way.

Google helps healthcare organizations become more visible in SERPs

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