Google duplex updates

Google is expanding Google Duplex voice AI to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The updated Google Support page lists the phone numbers that Google Duplex will use to contact business in these three countries, as well as the United States and New Zealand. Note that Google Duplex is available in a limited number of countries, all of whom speak English. Proof that I / A has not yet been developed for other languages.

International calls for professionals

Google Duplex is a pre-eminent AI product from Google Assistant. It calls almost independently on behalf of users to perform tasks such as booking restaurants and checking store hours. The program was launched in the U.S. in 2018, facing some backlash after it was found that some Google Duplex calls were made by humans. Google said this was due to a lack of information about booking restaurant reservations.

Google extended the program to New Zealand in October 2019 as part of a pilot program. Google appears to be using a limited edition of Duplex in the other three countries. As it grew, the program added new features such as the ability of companies to reject records and transfer them to people who also comment on phone calls. As a reminder, here’s the Google Duplex presentation by Sundar Pichai during the Google I / O Event 2018.

Coronavirus updates

Google Duplex can also be beneficial to people and companies during the COVID-19 pandemic that partially or completely closed many restaurants and other businesses. The New Zealand pilot program was developed on the occasion of Labor Day. The stores in the beta group received calls from Google Duplex asking if the store would be closed for vacation, and Duplex added these responses to the Google database. People looking for store hours can use Google search or Google Maps to know exactly store hours.

The same real-time updates can be used via Google Duplex, either by store owners, or through details of voice messages that the store owner may have updated. This is in line with what Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, has said that Google will use Duplex to check updated hours. Google Duplex can act as an intermediary for people who ask Google Assistant to determine the status and opening hours of local stores, as the situation evolves.


Google Duplex arrives in 3 new countries

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