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Credits will be available to active, qualified advertisers in the coming months. Google is also expanding advertising grants, advertising grants, to public service ads COVID-19.

Google released an update on Friday about its efforts to support businesses, health care workers, organizations, and governments during a coronavirus. As part of its total commitment of over $ 800 million, $ 340 million in ad credits are for small and medium businesses.

Advertising credits for small and medium businesses

Google said that, in the coming months, eligible advertisers will see notifications of ad balances available in their Google Ads account. Credits can be used throughout 2020 for ads across the Google integrated system, including the Search and Display Networks, YouTube, and any type of campaign.

Additional help for ads

Google also agrees to pay $ 20 million in advertising subsidies to community financial institutions and NGOs to produce public service ads on funds and resources to help small and medium businesses. This will be done through the Google Ad Grants program. In addition, Mountain View said it is increasing advertising grants available to WHO and other government agencies to provide basic information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. From $ 25 million to $ 250 million.

In summary

SMEs are particularly vulnerable during this crisis. Google says it hopes to reduce some of the costs of staying in touch with its customers. There are still many unknowns: how much the typical company receives, how far do advertising credits extend, and will they arrive in time to make a difference? Credits are intended to support existing customers. Google has always offered start credits to encourage new advertisers to start.


Google has promised $ 340 million in Google advertising credits for small and medium businesses

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