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For many marketers, last week was seen as a real turning point in the digital field, as the United States and Europe took cracking down on coronavirus. It’s amazing how much could be changed in a few days. For our part, experts from our Google Ads agency had to suddenly stop many advertising campaigns or at least slow them sharply, whether in the tourism sector, cars or even events.

Investments decreased sharply in certain sectors

When the Pakistani authorities began taking drastic measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many professionals saw research and transfer behavior change just as quickly. The situation affecting the travel industry is an indication of the direction that many other sectors can take. In fact, data published by the average website indicate that the tourism sector has rapidly reduced its media budget. The comparison of the first two weeks of March compared to February shows a 62% decrease in digital investments in this sector. “Many companies have cut their investment entirely while evaluating and developing their new plans,” said Todd Chrislaman, CEO of MediaRadar.

“CPC has decreased along with search volume in the past seven days. Many competitors have withdrawn completely. We have seen a decrease in CPC, impressions, and daily spending for several days, and as a result, a decrease in conversions,” Reddit user in a series on the impact of viruses said. Coronary CPC.

Not everything is too dark … for amazon!

You do not have to do rash generalizations. On the contrary, many sectors and companies will witness significant sales during this period. This is the case of Amazon, which, in the United States, is seeking to hire 100,000 new logistics employees to meet the growing demand for shipments. It will also increase the hourly wages for workers in these positions by an additional $ 2 in the United States until April. Many of the other people we spoke to said that they had not seen major changes yet or that it was too early to see the trends. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the effects of coronavirus on digital marketing in the coming days and weeks.

Covid-19: Advertisers Pause PPC Campaigns

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