Content Strategy

Content strategy techniques

For creating overview, structure and continuity in content

A good content strategy helps you create more clarity and overview in all content marketing activities. By establishing which content we are going to create, for which moment and for which channel, structure is given to current  Content Marketing.

Why important to apply a content strategy?

Content marketing is targeted and meant for the long term. To achieve the greatest chance of success of your content marketing, you need a plan. This plan is the content strategy with which you are able to maintain or get an overview of all content activities. In addition, the strategy ensures coherence between all your content activities and helps you to achieve the content marketing goals.

Importance of content strategy
Process of content strategy

Process for coming up with a content strategy

You start with content marketing and content creation based on a content strategy . The task is: create content that seamlessly matches what your target audience needs. In addition to creating content, maintaining the  content strategy is also important: content marketing is an ongoing process and the wishes of your target group are constantly changing. For this reason it is also important to adjust the strategy and content accordingly and therefore to change. Only in this way can you respond to the wishes and needs of your target group and can the desired goals be achieved

Content Strategy by DMB

By determining which content  we are going to create, for which moment and for which channel, we give direction to your content strategy. Together with DMB you work on creating your content strategy. This is done step by step and consists of the following 5 step:

 By setting realistic, measurable goals, you know what to focus on in the long term.

Essential to your content strategy is insight into your target groups and their content needs.

Making online communication concrete: What will you tell? This must fit in seamlessly with the wishes and needs of the target group.

How are you going to offer the content and why? Think of types of content such as a (blog) article, info graphic, photo, video, podcast and so on

Overview of content activities per month. This is tailored to relevant events throughout the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Tour de France and so on.