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Three weeks after prioritizing products as part of its FBA program, Amazon USA has announced that it will allow sellers of unnecessary items to resume shipping. This ad relates to the United States. Other countries, such as France, should follow suit in the coming weeks.

What does this mean for Amazon merchants and merchants?

The key to this change is that it will reduce quantities based on availability and demand. Although this is not explicitly mentioned, it can be assumed that Amazon will allow ASINs with high traffic and hence the need arises. Advertising can play a major role in this part of the equation by driving traffic to ASINs for which Amazon currently has adequate inventory levels.

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Why does Amazon prioritize FBA products?

In March, Amazon said it would temporarily prioritize products that are considered “core” and that reach FBAs. Although the FBA’s priority product list has grown since the initial announcement. According to US media information, Amazon will start this week accepting more products into its warehouse after “giving a temporary priority” to household goods, medical supplies and other categories of essential products in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

What are the next steps ?

This procedure should be applied in other countries in the coming weeks. Currently, FBA merchants on Seller Central and Vendor Central sellers need to do some careful planning to ensure they are ready for Prime Day and the fourth quarter. If they do not do this job in advance, they will find themselves in a hurry. Sellers need to understand their inventory status (as it is today) and plan when the business will resume the “normal life” look. The key will be to direct traffic to the largest ASINs where there is enough inventory to restart the demand algorithm in order to generate an acceptable sales rate.

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Amazon resumes shipping unnecessary items

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